Herzog Sport Compression socks


Lower leg injuries are increasingly common during exercise. Whether you are running, jumping, turning or quickly decelerating, your legs are going through a lot. With every step you take your legs have to endure three times your body weight.

The Herzog Sport Compression socks work preventative, reduce pain and promote recovery after exercise.

A correct pressure variation from the ankle to the knee assures optimal drainage of the venous blood with waste fluid. When Herzog Sport socks are correctly measures, it can prevent a lot of trouble.

On top of that, muscles receive extra support as a consequence of the compression which make it harder for small or larger injuries to occur. The relatively high compression makes sure that the impact of the landing while running is being properly collected. Herzog’s socks ensure a shock absorbing effect which allows fewer muscle damages to occur. In this way we can keep practicing the sport we love with a reduced chance of injuries, which cause us all to be a lot more motivated.


Pain in your legs and Herzog Compression socks

Many athletes/runners know it: a slow starting and irritating pain in the lower leg, whether it’s a calf injury or a shin issue. Sometimes you might even feel an intense and acute pain shock in the calf, or a muscle tear or tennisleg. Many are forced to leave the sport that they love so much for a shorter or longer time period. After a long recovery process it’s difficult to get back to the former level. Many athletes never have the courage to workout 100% because they fear that the injury will return.

Enjoy excercise, recover faster

Many Herzog-athletes have seen the working principle of our socks in action. Their unanamous judgement: you will never work out without them.

Read their stories here.


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