Active Compressionsocks


No more swollen legs or cramping in your calves

Do you also suffer from swollen legs or cramping in your calves while walking? When wearing the Active Compressionsocks these discomforts belong to the past. With decreasing pressure from the ankle to the knee, waste fluids are being processed and removed at a much faster rate and injuries are prevented.

Muscle tissue is broken down during long workouts. That might sound dramatic, but it’s a normal process of which you are recovered quickly. However, excessive degradation is not good because muscle tissue is basically protein and protein binds fluids. As a result, edema (fluids) occurs in the lower legs. An excessive amount of fluid accumulation automatically means there is no optimal blood flow. The return of venous blood, containing the waste from the combustion process and carbon dioxide, is then seriously obstructed.

  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Working out injury free
  • Decreasing pressure gradient
  • Medium compression

Available in black and white.