Basic information

Herzog Compression Socks’ Functionality

Herzog Sport Compression socks are useful in three ways; before, during and after sporting activities.

  • injury prevention
  • injury treatment
  • enhances recuperation and performance

Injury Prevention

Mainly due to the sock’s feasibility to keep calves compact and steady, injuries are prevented. When your feet land, steadiness reduces vibration causing less lateral movement of the large calf muscles. Also less traction on Achilles and shin fascia contribute to smaller chances on getting injured.

Injury Treatment

Cramp or torn muscles are treated by the sock’s compression. Wound edges are pressed together, this speeds healing which minimizes formation of scar tissue. Growth of scar tissue must be minimized because it will never be as flexible as the original muscle. Also blood effusion is treated by the sock’s ability to function like a stitch, allowing the injury to cure efficiently.

Shock Absorbing

Compression makes calves compact and solid, this causes effective shock absorption at foot landing. Less shock means little muscle damage, lesser breakdown will cause the space between cells to retain less fluid.

Enhances Recuperation and Performance

Muscle structures are considerably damaged from large shock impact during intense training. This impact causes a breakdown of cellular tissue which then remains in the interstitial (cell surrounding). This affects microcirculation negatively, cell bodies’ nutrient an oxygen supply is hampered. Also drainage of lactic acid and carbon dioxide stands still.

Improving blood circulation can be done by wearing Herzog Compression socks. Pressure among cells will elevate by the socks’ ability to apply compression. The socks follow a compression profile which is relatively high at ankle level which slightly decreases towards knee height.

Raising pressure on muscles will allow fluid and waste to be forced back into a healthy blood circulation. Decreasing pressure in the sock is essential because it guarantees venous blood, against gravity, to be transported back to the heart.

It is recommended to wear your Herzog Compression socks for a while longer after exercise, allowing your legs to benefit and recuperate optimally.