Calf problems

Calf Complaints

kuitklachten-herzog-medicalCalf complaints can really restrain the fun factor when exercising.

The calf is formed by a group of muscles that lie on the back side of the lower leg. You use them, for example, when pushing off or landing on your feet.

A well-known calf issue is the “tennis leg”. In such case, a sudden tear ruptures in the calf. Less strenuous, but still pretty inconvenient is when your calf cramps up.

When to wear Herzog Compressionsocks

Almost every athlete experiences support and stimulus of the calf muscles when wearing Herzog Compression socks. As a result, improved blood circulation is reached in the lower leg. This can be useful with aforementioned calve issues, but also for the purpose of faster recovery, after exercise or depletion of edema (fluid accumulation) in the legs.

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