Compry Recovery

Your personal and portable masseur

The Herzog Compry Recovery system is an innovative device that provides a better and faster recovery after exercise. Athletes have to deal with high muscle fatigue in periods of intense training. When an athlete wants to get the most out of his workout he should be recovered as well as possible.

The recovery of muscle fatigue greatly dependents on the removal of waste fluids. The faster or longer the previous effort, the greater the recovery challenge… Active recovery using pneumatic compression of the Herzog Compry Recovery is a smart and handy way to recover faster!

The system is an useful recovery tool for athletes in every kind of sport. With the Compry Recovery athletes can accomplish the best possible recovery after a heavy training session, or between series and finals. Furthermore, the system is designed for athletes who want to recover faster after an injury.

How does it work?

Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, the Compry Recovery speeds up the recovery. It enhances the blood flow and transports waste fluid out of the muscles.

Compry Recovery consists of two large inflatable legs controlled by a computer. Each leg has four chambers which can be inflated distally to proximally, from ankle to knee, up towards the heart. The chambers can be inflated independently from each other, this allows a slow pressure build up from the ankle to the calf, towards the knee and thigh.

You can even choose compression on the whole of the leg or concentrate compression on one segment of the leg. The pressure is adjustable in three different programs and has four different compression levels. You could compare the most firm pressure with the effect of a deep tissue massage by a masseur.

The lightweight Compry Recovery device is like your ‘personal masseur’ which you can easily bring with you: on the go, at home or on the sports field.

Easy to apply

  • Possibility to use a remote control
  • Compact
  • 4 Levels of compression
  • 3 Preset programs
  • With the 4 different compression segments an athlete can also create his own massage pattern
  • Concentrated compression on one (part) of the leg of your choice, calf, knee, thigh


The recovery of muscle fatigue greatly depends on the removal of waste fluids. Done properly, active recovery is generally better than passive recovery. Active recovery using pneumatic compression of the Herzog Compry Recovery system is a smart and handy way to recover faster.

The study of Hanson et al. (2013) shows that during the regeneration after a cycling- VO2 max test, there is less lactate (lactic acid) in the blood with pneumatic compression than during passive recovery.

Wiener et al. (2001) found that muscle fatigue of the tibialisanterior muscle (a muscle on the lateral side of the tibia) between two training sessions is significantly less with the help of pneumatic compression.

Johansson et al. (1998) investigated that, besides the effect of the recovery from muscle fatigue, pneumatic compression also has a positive effect on the restoration of tissue damage. This proves that Compry Recovery is also very useful for the recovery after injuries.