Muscle soreness

Faster recovery from muscular pain

spierpijn-herzogmedicalThink about the following situation. You just went through some intense physical exercise and you’re enjoying a dose of serious muscle ache the day after. Maybe you were dragged by your own enthusiasm or you went too deep because of the flow of a race/match, easy to endure the pain and enjoy it at the time. But you realize that it’s actually nagging and painful the days after.

When do you get muscle ache?

Your muscles start to ache when you performed above the level that your muscles can endure. This can happen while performing athletics, but is also common when you are e.g. helping someone move or other performing and other exercises that you are not used to. Muscle aches usually develop after working out or after the match/race, but some athletes already feel it during the workout. In the latter case it is called abrupt muscle ache.

What to do when your muscles ache?

You can see muscle ache as the lightest form of an injury. It’s not an injury yet, but we already know that the body is pushed beyond its capabilities, causing an overload. It is important to obtain enough fluids, staying active (which is better than doing absolutely nothing) and in combination with the Herzog compression socks you are capable of preventing muscle aches to a certain degree. If you already endure muscle aches, the Herzog compression socks can assist in accelerating the drainage of waste fluids and other waste fluids.

Preventing is better than healing

The most important issue remains that you should always build up in a smart way; don’t push the body beyond its limits and capabilities. We just want you to enjoy working out!

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