PRO Compression Tubes

Optimal drainage of waste fluids

Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks deliver a relatively high pressure with decreasing pressure from the ankle to the knee. This ensures that the blood flow from the capillary network to the heart is optimized. As a result, your waste fluids are being processed and removed at a much faster rate.

  • Decreasing pressure gradient from the ankle to the knee
  • Effective with calf complaints, shin splints and Achilles issues
  • Mainly used during physical activity

It is advisable to wear the tubes only during an activity. When resting, there is only compression on the lower leg and not on the foot. This can cause swelling of the foot caused by fluid accumulation.

To assure optimum performance it’s important that the socks and tubes fit perfectly. Therefore, it is important to measure your legs on multiple points.

Available in numerous colors. Click here for an overview.

Combination tubes and ankle socks

Because compression is applied on the entire lower leg, the combination of tubes and ankle socks also make it possible to wear the tubes when resteing.

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