Compry Cool

Compry Cool

Injury treatment, pain reduction and quick recovery

comprycoolFor every injured athlete, the goal is to return to the old level as soon as possible. Quick and efficient help provide a solution in many cases. The innovative Compry Cool system combines cooling and compression into one product. Compry Cool offers the solution for pain reduction, injury treatment and quick recovery of injured athletes.

Compry Cool is available as a solo and a dual unit. The dual unit has the advantage that two athletes can be treated simultaneously. The equipment is not only reserved for professionals but is also obtainable for organisations and even for the individual athlete where optimal and fast recovery is essential. The effectiveness of cooling and compression proves itself daily on the sportsfields, at sports halls and in gyms. Compry Cool operates through the power grind and is portable by means of a rechargeable battery.

How does it work?

Compry Cool pumps ice cold water through the wrap with direct pain reduction as result. Every wrap consists of an exchangably neopreen sleeves with long vecro bands. The sleeve is easy to clean and replaceable. The wrap has two separate layers, one for the compression and one for the watercirculation. The wraps are available for ankles, arms, thighs, shoulders, hips, wrists and back.
Compry Cool can also be used for heat therapy. Because of this, the system could be used for treating sprains, swellings, bruises, painfull tendons or muscles and for chronic joint disorders.

Compry Cool makes it possible to get back to action quickly. The system is portable, easy to use and has a very good price-performance ratio.

The benefits of Compry Cool:

  • Compression and cooling in one product
  • Pain reducing
  • Faster recovery
  • Inhibits inflammation
  • Less swelling
  • A very good price-performance ratio
  • Portable