Sore legs

Pain in your legs and Herzog Compression socks

prokousgroenMany athletes/runners know it: a slow starting and irritating pain in the lower leg, whether it’s a calf injury or a shin issue. Sometimes you might even feel an intense and acute pain shock in the calf, or a muscle tear or tennisleg. Many are forced to leave the sport that they love so much for a shorter or longer time period. After a long recovery process it’s difficult to get back to the former level. Many athletes never have the courage to workout 100% because they fear that the injury will return.

It’s a shame that many of these aches and pains could have been prevented. Of course, a good warm up and usage of proper shoes is helpful when it comes to preventing injuries, but it’s often not enough. Enthusiastic amateur athletes need the support just as much as pro athletes and we can realize that quite easily these days. We see more and more athletes wearing strange socks up to the knees. These athletes chose to not let painful lower legs spoil their fun in performing the sport they love and started using Herzog Compression socks.

Herzog Sport Compression socks are the only product on the market with scientific based evidence.

A correct pressure variation from the ankle to the knee assures optimal drainage of the venous blood with waste fluid. When Herzog Sport socks are correctly measures, it can prevent a lot of trouble.

On top of that, muscles receive extra support as a consequence of the compression which make it harder for small or larger injuries to occur. The relatively high compression makes sure that the impact of the landing while running is being properly collected. Herzog’s socks ensure a shock absorbing effect which allows fewer muscle damages to occur. In this way we can keep practicing the sport we love with a reduced chance of injuries, which cause us all to be a lot more motivated.

Varicose Veins

What to think of existing varicose veins? During landing, the foot pushes the column of venous blood with great force against the weakened leg vessels. The Herzog socks support and compress the vessels. The muscle pumping action while walking works better because the valves are able to prevent backflow of blood and preventing false circulations. This is only possible when the compression is at the exact right amount for your lower leg in combination with high support and a correct decreasing pressure values from the ankle to the knee.

Herzog Medical has been able to identify, based on several academic studies that they provide this. These socks are also the only compression sock on the market that comply with what a good Sports Compression sock needs to do. If you want something that is right, Herzog Compression socks are the only way to go. 


Sport Compression Socks from Herzog medically undermined to science

The Herzog Medical Compression socks do what they say they do is heavily based on scientific evidence. We provide summaries and conclusions of three of them below.

Sport Compression Socks with calf complaints, what does the athlete think of it?

By G. lentjes, I. van de Port and F. Backx

Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, UMC Utrecht

sfeerbeeld2_vrijstaandThe study regards a user research where the positive and negative experiences while using the Herzog Compression Socks have been determined based on interviews with athletes. All athletes already had calf complaints at the rear or lateral compartment. They worked out at least twice a week for half an hour and wore the Herzog Socks during three months during and up to 1 hour after exercise. Standardized interviews were held before, after 1 month and after three months after the start of the experiment. Population included 20 male and 11 female athletes in the areas of running, volleyball, soccer, and korfball. Most athletes were working out for 60-90 minutes. After one month, commplaits of 22 athletes decreased and three athletes were completely healed. 63% of the athletes will continue to use the socks. The athletes already had prolonged chronical calf issues that were unsuccessfully treated for some time. Hence, the recovery and performance enhanced functions of the Herzog Socks are positive.

Recovery from calf issues:

After a month: 22 athletes experience less complaints and three of them are entirely cured from there injuries.

Sport Compression socks: experience of 50 military men


loopbandBy drs. W.O Zimmermann and M.A. Paantjes MPt

Training Medicine and Training Physiology Utrecht 

Summary and conclusions

Research structures for which diagnoses the Herzog Sport Compression socks should be advised and/if the patients are satisfied. 62 soldiers received the Herzog Compression socks in 2009.

The Herzog Compression socks were mainly distributed to patients with athletic injuries to the lower legs: calf issues, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome en Chronic Exercised Compartment Syndrome. The average user experience is 7,4 on a 1-10 scale. The highest appreciation was received from a subgroup called functional calf issues without injury (8,1). During the final illustration, patients mainly mentioned: reduction in overall issues, a positive effect on athletic performance, and user comfort.

A research group of recreational runners demonstrated that wearing Herzog Sport Compression socks during a 10km run on asphalt reduces the appearance of Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS).

Recovery from shin splints with Herzog Compression socks

By E.G. Willems and M.H. Moen (Sports Medicine)

Summary and conclusions

Twenty-two athletes and runners between the ages of 16 and 53 were recruited through several hospitals in West Netherlands. They all suffered from exercise induced pain on the inside of the lower leg and pressure pain on the Tibia.

The group was split into two subgroups.

The first group received a rehabilitation program with running, the second group received the same rehabilitation program but were also told to wear the Herzog Sport Compression socks. The athletes were then seen every two weeks in order to measure progression and to modify the running schedule. The athletes who also wore the Herzog Sport Compression socks recoved 11% faster than those who didn’t wear them. The overall satisfaction of the group who wore the Herzog Sport Compression socks was significantly higher as well.

We can conclude that the supplemental value of the Herzog Sport Compression socks results in significant faster recovery.