Test panel

Herzog Medical carried out a study regarding user experience, the research was conducted among fifteen volunteers for a time period of six weeks. We can conclude that within this short period of time Herzog Sportcompressionsocks contribute positively to healing of injuries. The volunteers experienced an improved recovery while wearing the socks.

Fifteen “guinea pigs” signed up as a result of a request in the Athletics Magazine, mainly runners applied. We requested for all of them to wear the Herzog Compression socks for six weeks during athletic exercise during the months of July when temperatures were hot. We also asked them to keep a log.


The most vital issues were about the following:

  • Calves: stiff, tired, painful, cramp, muscle tear, etc (mentioned 10x)
  • Achilles issues (mentioned 4x)
  • Other complaints: shin splints and varicose veins


The advantages were mainly regarding recovery

  • Better recovery; no muscle aches or startup pain anymore
  • Faster recovery after a muscle tear
  • Smoother muscles after working out
  • Fewer calf complaints, no calf injury anymore
  • Ability to train better and more intense
  • One of the panel members finally had the courage to start running again


Disadvantages that were mentioned were:

  • Too warm
  • Movement of the foot inside the shoe
  • Issues with the seam around the toe
  • Practicing putting them on
  • The socks are noticeable and people stare at you
  • Blisters

Comments of the testing panel

Disadvantages (mentioned once or more):

  • Movement (2)
  • Too warm (2)
  • Movement when weather is warm (1)
  • Seam around the toe (1)
  • Still Achilles issues (1)
  • Practicing putting them on (1)
  • Irritation around the toes (1)
  • Difficult to put them on (2)
  • Embarrassed (2)
  • One pair is not enough (1)
  • Blisters (1)

Advantages mentioned once or more:

  • Supports a faster recovery (4)
  • Calves are less tired (1)
  • Recovery after working out appears better (1)
  • Fast recovery after working out on the track (1)
  • The good qualities remain functional even in the rain (1)
  • Issues are less in the morning (1)
  • I am able to train better (1)
  • No irritation while wearing the socks (1)
  • Pressure is perfect on the Achilles (1)
  • Positive experience during biking holiday (1)
  • Pain is decreasing (1)
  • I really feel the support (1)
  • Fewer calf issues (1)
  • I feel the effect while I’m working out as well (1)
  • Recovery after working out (1)
  • Training and racing effect is very positive (1)
  • Proper heat distribution (1)
  • No movement while wearing shoes (1)
  • Calf issues are going away (1)
  • No more injury (1)
  • I really feel the support (2)
  • Smooth muscles after working out (1)
  • No more muscle aches (2)
  • Faster recovery after muscle tear (1)
  • I don’t have any issues anymore (1)