Varicose veins

Exercising is healthy for everyone, particularly for people with varicose veins. The Sport Compression socks from Herzog Medical offer assistance for these people. The era of thick, skin colored and hot support socks with marring seams in the back are now behind us. Varicose veins are no longer a reason not to exercise.

Originating from the (running) athletic world

Herzog Sport Compression socks, developed from the running world, are used by many (high level) athletes who intensely burden the legs. High level runners as well as speed skaters, soccer players, volley- and handball players at all levels benefit from the Herzog Sport Compression socks. Precisely this group set and demand high standers for comfort and appearance, but mainly set high standards when it comes to the functionality of the socks. The socks should lead to better functioning muscles and vessels in the legs. The socks support the treatment of calf problems, shin splints problems and also promote recovery after strenuous exercise.

Blood Circulation

The arteries in the legs can only properly function when they are rhythmically emptied by the muscles in the legs, such as when running. This way the blood will be efficiently and properly drained in the direction of the heart. If you are not exercising and when the veins don’t receive help from regularly contractive leg muscles, it will be difficult for the veins to do their job. The discharge of this blood in the direction of the heart then becomes insufficient. Veins can then dilate in an unhealthy matter. Valves in the veins will discontinue closing properly and waste products within the venous bloodstream are insufficiently drained.


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